We offer ongoing workshops, community dialogue, and program development services on medicinal plants & healing, decolonial parenting, indigenous schooling & education, and sexual health, education, & childbirth.

Our new program, Indigenous Healing Justice, addresses gendered violence in our community and provides workshops, dialogue, avenues for community resilience, accountability, and survivor-led healing that is rooted in transformative justice and traditional Indigenous teachings.

Annual Hands-On Training

The Sustainable Nations Development Project hosts an annual intensive hands-on training workshop for Indigenous people in the concepts, installation, and maintenance of environmentally and culturally appropriate technologies.

Tucson Indigenous Adobe Initiative

TIAI works to build the economic,
ecological, and social resilience of the Chuk’son area and Barrio Indigenous
communities through collaborative sustainable building, rainwater harvesting, and greywater systems training, renovation, construction, and the creation of a local sharing economy.

Indigenous Resilience and Healing Justice Program

We are building community healing and safety response networks modeled after traditional Indigenous social governance to actively address the sources of violence in our community, primarily gender based violence.

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