Annual Hands-On Training

The Sustainable Nations Development Project hosts an annual intensive hands-on training workshop for Indigenous people in the concepts, installation, and maintenance of environmentally and culturally appropriate technologies. The technologies focused on include:

  • Photovoltaics (Solar Electricity)

  • Micro-hydroelectric systems

  • Small Scale Wind Energy Systems

  • Straw Bale Construction

  • Construction Design using Ecological Design Methods

  • On-Site Natural Wastewater Treatment

  • Energy Efficiency/Weatherization

  • Technology Installation for a Reservation Community

Follow-Up Support

The primary focus of our program is to prepare students for follow-up support and training. We are devoted to providing support to our training participants to pursue sustainable development technology implementation in their communities. This includes partnering our board and staff with training participants in order to provide apprenticeships, mentorships, further technical training, and project development support to aid the success of on-reservation small scale sustainable development technology programs and projects.

Our students have gone on to establish natural building businesses, renewable energy businesses, and facilitate community projects.

We additionally offer several smaller weekend workshops throughout the year!

If you have any questions, please let us know!