Indigenous Resilience and Healing Program

Providing avenues for community resilience and survivor-led healing that is rooted in transformative justice and traditional Indigenous teachings.

We are building community healing and safety response networks modeled after traditional Indigenous social governance to actively address the sources of violence in our community, primarily gender based violence. Grounded in our multicultural teachings and recognizing the role of historical trauma, we work to support healing and balance through centering women’s voices to counter the impact of patriarchal colonialism, recognize the ways in which we have replicated colonial violence, and understanding that personal accountability and commitment to restoring community trust is critical for healing. We believe that the building of a culture of consent that is free of interpersonal and community violence must be a de-colonial process based in our cosmology, creation stories, and traditional teachings that can help us re-build lived reciprocity and deep honor of the entire community, including each other, animals, plants, the land, and ecology.

Covid has significantly impacted our offerings this year, but we are looking forward in the future to return to regular gatherings and in person work.

Our network offers:

1. Education and Dialogue.

We host workshops that bring people together to actively and deeply challenge heteronormative patriarchy and the sources of colonial violence in ourselves and our communities. These deeply personal workshops, rooted in our multicultural Indigenous traditions, honor intergenerational people of all genders, and contribute to restoring and building a culture in which all people have voice, power, and recognition of the special role they have in the world. This work seeks to build alternatives that are rooted in the interconnectedness of all; people, our environment, and animals, in a way that cultivates a culture of consent amongst one another and with all beings.

2. Technical Assistance.

We are available to other community groups, organizations, families, and Tribal nations to offer workshops related to addressing community violence, gender justice, or support others in the creation of healing justice spaces.

3. Survivor-Led Response and Resources.

Our former Survivor Led Response and Resources offering is on hold currently.

For more information, please contact Timoteio Padilla.