Tucson Indigenous Adobe Initiative


The localized branch of Sustainable Nations, TIAI works to build the economic, ecological, and social resilience of the Chuk’son area and Barrio Indigenous communities through collaborative sustainable building, rainwater harvesting, and greywater systems training, renovation, construction, and the creation of a local sharing economy.

We are bringing together an Indigenous-based intercultural community to celebrate our shared history of Earth-based building and livelihood, re-connect with each other the life forces that sustain us, and rebuild resilience through aligning our ancestral traditions and values with our contemporary practices.

We believe that by re-integrating cultural meaning and regenerative design into our homes, we are placing ourselves again in right relationship to our communities, cultures, and homelands. Living in homes constructed in this way is a continuous reminder to us and our future generations of the living relationship we keep with our communities and land as Native peoples to this Earth.

We offer ongoing trainings and workshops in Adobe and Natural Construction methods, Rainwater harvesting, Historic adobe restoration, Graywater system design and installation, and Composting toilets!

If you have any questions, please let us know!